Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cycle Source Magazine

The bike I painted for Gilby Clarke made the cover of Cycle Source Magazine!
Go out and buy a copy.
Thanks Gilby and thank you Lisa Ballard!


Lisa Ballard said...

This bike was great to shot, your paint work is beyond stellar!

tina said...

i want the name of the paint, please

tina said...

Can i please have the name of the color you used.

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Thanks Lisa!

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Tina, I can't really say what the color is. I used 2 different House of Kolor pearl base coats and mixed them until I got the color Gilby was looking for. I used Ketchme Copper pearl with some Rootbeer kandy intensifier and I think it was Goldmine Pearl.
Just try mixing those and I'm sure you can come up with something cool.