Wednesday, December 28, 2011

R.I.P Walt Prey

The first time I heard about Walt, was when my friend/mentor, Pete "Brusha" brought me a lowrider Cadillac, he was painting at the time, to pinstripe. First, let me tell you a lil' about Pete. Pete was an old friend of my grandfather and would paint his cars and trucks for him. He is an old school, veterano painter who has been painting for a long time. He's big, shaved head with a thick long mustache, that covers his entire mouth, which is how he got his nickname "Brusha", because his mustache looks like a big brush. Very intimidating looking dude to say the least. He taught me how to spray cars, trucks and how to spray Kandies the right way, when I was in high school. He is still my go to guy whenever I hit a snag or have questions about what I am doing. He had a way of connecting, teaching me and explaining things to me. I will never forget the day, when he taught me about Walt Prey's work, when he brought me that Cadillac to pinstripe. He showed me pictures of Walt's work and he showed me his own personal Cadillac that Walt had pinstriped, for him before. Pete has a 1982 lowrider Cadillac (which I have the original hood off of, when Pete crashed it once, with Walt's work on it)that had Walts pinstriping all over it. I remember Pete asking me, "Do you think you can do some thing like this?". I studied those lines and his tasteful little accents and little scroll licks that he would lay everywhere. Seeing Walt's pinstriping on Pete's Cadillac and hearing the storeis about how effortless he would execute a long line, or pull off a fancy scroll line with one stroke, was such a strong impact on me. If you saw Walt's work once, you would definitely notice it if you ever saw anywhere else on any other vehicle. It's truly a unique style that has been copied countless times, consciously or subconsciously by numerous pinstripers. He has most certainly, left a huge mark, in the custom paint world, which is very hard to do in this industry.
Pete promised me a long time ago that he would take me out to meet Walt someday. Unfortunately that never happened. So sad, I wish I could have meet him.

Rest in peace Walt Prey. You have been a huge influence on me and will always keep your legacy alive!

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