Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mobile painter

Started this year off doing a lot of mobile paint work. So weird sometimes the way things happen. Being a pinstripe artist/painter, you never know what kind of job opportunities and challenges that will come around . I am so glad that these jobs came to me, I had fun doing them!... Here's one that I completed recently. Theres more to come too.

This 1953 chevy truck was for Alan. He was one of Hideo's old customers. Hideo apprenticed under me for about 2 years, he has since moved back to Japan to start his own paint business, Kamikaze paint and pinstriping. He is an amazing artist, who learned the trade pretty fast. Thanks to him for refering his old clients to me. Alan is a really cool dude. He is a jack of all trades kind of guy. Builds cars, builds bikes, pinstripes. What he does professionally is, he owns and operates his own gate and automation company out of Huntington Beach. He does everything from servicing gates to building them and installing security locks and cameras etc. You can check him here Coast Gate & Automation if you or you know someone in need of his services. Nice guy. Tell him I sent you.

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