Friday, March 23, 2012

Secret Stash

Made an emergency call to my friend Trevelen, for some Murano Gold Pearl.

Trev made a call to his homie Javi from Lifestyle CC and got a hold of some. He calls me later on to tell me that this pearl is special because it came from two of the Legendary painters Walt Prey and Mario Gomez personal stash from the Candy Factory. Trev and Javi told me DO NOT throw this jar away because it has a lot of sentimental value, they said to keep it and treasure it.

I want to thank them both for the great honor of having something so precious from two of the best painters that ever walked this earth and being allowed to use it on these flames, for the Born Free paint job. It means a lot to me!

I just hope that who ever takes this Chopper home, knows and appreciates this paint job. Its very hard to come across Murano Pearls these days because they don't make it any more, let alone get a supply from the late great Candy Factory painters.


grant said...

man, can't wait to see this! Didn't they outlaw Murano in like '72?

Haskell Auto Body said...

I am glad Javi gave that to you, When Javi came to me and told me you needed some Murano i knew you would love it knowing it came from Mario's and Walt's personal stash. KANDYCONNECTION