Monday, June 11, 2012

Screen Printing Party

Went to my friends Roy and Rene's shop the other weekend, to print my shirts. We started off good with first 2 dozen. Then we had some technical difficulties with the Roy's machine. So we had to turn to the professional, our friend Arie. We knocked the rest of them out in one night. Big thanks to my friends Roy and Arie for stepping up to help me out!!! And of course, to my girlfriend Nicole for helping me with designing the art work and everything else! They will be available soon through this blog and my vendor booth at the Born Free Show, on June 30th. I hope you get one and thanks for the support!


MainDrive said...

Save a LARGE for me, my man!

Sonny Boy Paint said...

You got it, Cory!

Pacman said...

whos the gay guy in the 9th picture?? he's really hot!!