Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dave Mann Chopper Fest part 2

I am very proud of T-bone of NOISE Cycles for winning Best of Show along with a $2000 cash prize. I am humbled to have been apart of his build... We had finished this bike in such a hurry for Brooklyn Invitational and now that T-bone has worked all the kinks out of it this was the first time it has been debuted at a show here in So Cal. There was a crowd around the bike the whole day at the show and everyone was talking about how great it was! Really made me feel good! Big thanks to Jason, the owner of the bike. He has been one of my best customers. Super cool dude. He had a lot of input on the paint scheme and at the same time allowed me to do what ever I felt like with it.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Epic quality, unique job mate, really caps off an exceptional bike, hearty congrats of the biggest kind.

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Thanks for the kind words! Really appreciate it!