Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Shindigs...

What a crazy weekend it was. Almost every weekend there's something going on with bike shows or family functions or friends birthdays, etc.
This last Saturday we met up a TRI CO in the am, for coffee and donuts. Then rode down to the Born Free/Loser Machine Pre Party, at the Garage Co.

Then I went to my Uncle Mike's 50th Birth day party. He's a funny guy! Coolest uncle!

My lil sister Bunny had her 23rd Birthday celebration later that day in Long Beach.
So we had dinner with family and then went to our cousin ALEX'S BAR.

This is my Nina, Pretty Patty, she is crazy, straight outta COMPTON! Have a lot of great memories from when we used stay at her house in Compton growing up. She is sooo funny, so sweet and thoughtful too. I love her!

Both of these bands were bad ass.

Primo was there too.

We always stay at ALex's til at least 4am drinking and bullshitting, I love it. Good times with friends and family..... Now back to work....


Nick said...

I thought my weekend was hectic!!! Good seeing ya bud!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Life . . . what a beautiful thang !

Sonny Boy Paint said...

it was good seeing you too Nick!

Pacman said...