Friday, September 28, 2012

Brooklyn Invitational Show

This last month has been the busiest month of all for me. I thought that things would mellow out after the Born Free 4 fever, but I was wrong and I am extremely grateful for the amount of work that keeps me goin. I had the pleasure of being a part of two of the invited builders bikes; T-Bone of Noise Cycles and Yaniv of Powerplant motorcycles, for the Brooklyn Invitational. There have been a lot of late nights leading up to this show for all of us and with all the partying we did while in Brooklyn I am suffering the consequences by being sick the last couple of days. But it was well worth it. Brooklyn Invitational has by far been one of the best motorcycle shows I have been to. I put it right up there with the Born Free and Mooneyes Yokohama shows. Nothing but top notch builders and all around great people in attendance. I met some really good people and ran into some old friends that I haven't seen in years. It was an amazing experience and I was really happy that my older brother Noose was there to share it with me. Thanks to all my friends for the good times and great memories. Definitely will be back again next year!
This is T-bones Build. Noise Cycles
This is Yaniv's Build PowerPlant Motorcycles
My brother, Aki, me and my friend Frankie. I had a great time hangin with these guys.
Hangin with all the boys from L.A
My big brother Noose and I


WhitelinePsycho said...

I was only wondering what had become of Yaniv the other week, good to see him out and about again, especially sporting your cracking handiwork, that bike of T-Bone's is stunning man, great work all round.

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Thanks man! T-bone did an amazing job, the pictures don't do it justice... Yeah Yaniv is still cranking them out! He's has some good projects in the works.

Perry's kustom paint said...

man that indian skull is krazy detailed!!
the lines are so freakin small!!