Thursday, November 15, 2012

David Mann Trophy Announcement

I am very happy to announce that I have teamed up with the Legendary Tom Fugle, of the El Forastero MC, to make the trophies for this years David Mann Chopper Festival. Tom has made these stones with original Dave Mann art printed on them and they are amazing. Here is just a sneak peak at the stones. My Brother Leo, has made the plaques and I still need to stain the wood, letter and pinstripe them. I have been making the trophies for this show for the last 6 years and I think these will be the best trophies yet! Who ever wins one of these is going to be very happy, because you can't go wrong with an all hand made stone by Tom Fugle, with Dave Mann art and with some Sonny Boy Pinstripe and Lettering on it!!! I would like to give a big thanks to Tom Fugle for collaborating with me to make this happen. He is truly a generous and all around great person. Thanks to Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers for helping me get in touch with Tom and making this possible... With that said, please come out to the Chopper Fest and enter your bike in the show. You could take home one of these awesome trophies! And if you really think you're a badass you can walk away with a $2000 cash prize for Best of Show. GET SOME!!!

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