Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ted's '53 Complete!!!

About 2 years ago, Ted asked me to paint his 1953 Chevy. I am usually very hesitant about taking on custom car paint jobs. A; because I am very picky and meticulous about my paint work, therefore it takes me a really long time to paint a custom car or truck. B; most of the time people don't understand what it takes to paint something custom on that big of a scale. Its not like painting a motorcycle at all and cost a lot more money. C; They take up too much room, where I paint at, there is not a lot of space. But when Ted asked me if I was interested, I couldn't say no. I like Ted a lot. I have known him since I was a kid because he has worked with my dad and my two older brothers doing set construction. He's an all around cool dude! Always has the coolest cars too!
So here it is, the finished product!!! Looking at these pictures of it completed makes it all worth it. Cheers Ted! Thanks for everything.
Ian Berky of I.B. Kustoms did an awesome job with the chop!


Perry's kustom paint said...

great 53'
love how you immitated the trim below the window by using the silverleaf

Sonny Boy Paint said...

Hey thamks Perry! That was the customers idea. I thought it was a great look too.

Peter Jasper said...

Ingenious! Not only a useful post but visually delightful, as well, one of the reasons this blog excels. Thanks,

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