Friday, August 19, 2011

Akis Iron Head

I just found out from Aki, that his Ironhead that I painted will be going to the Brooklyn Invitational. He has been getting a lot of recognition for this beauty. Aki is an amazing Bike builder and I am really honored to have laid some paint on his masterpiece! Congrats Aki!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ted's 53 Chevy

So a lot has happened since I last posted. I have had a few small quick jobs come thru. But now its time for some serious painting. I have this 1953 Chevy chop top to get busy on next! This belongs to an old friend of mine/customer. Before I was painting, I used to hustle washing cars and doing mobile detailing as a summer job until I got out of high school. I would always go to where my father or brothers were working, where they built sets for big feature movies, and wash cars all day at the studios in Hollywood and Burbank. Ted is an amazing carpenter with a wild imagination and was one of my regulars. He has always had the coolest cars too. One of my favorites that he had was a '69 Pontiac Bonneville, that I would detail all the time.
Anyway, Ted approached me at the beginning of the year to paint his new project car, his 1953 Chevy coupe chop top. I was stoked and said hell yes! He delivered the car in February to the shop, My friend Jack and his crew at Balistek have done an excellent job with the bodywork. I have finally caught up with all my small jobs and now the rest of the car is about to get some color. I'm goin to be shooting this with House of Kolor Tangelo pearl. The roof will be white base with Abalone pearl on top. With a little pinstripe to finish it off too.