Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Brother

I spent Monday with my older Brother, Noose. He is helping me make the trophies for the David Mann Chopper fest this year.
He was working on a movie set, at this compound in Downtown L.A, where they turned it into a bunch of artist studios, called Droplabs. I like it there and am thinking of maybe renting a spot. There are big and small studios, but there is a waiting list to get in. Just have to wait and see what comes available!!!
Thanks for all your help, Bro!

Then we finished the day, with a couple of these, down the street at the BREWERY.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Finished these projects a while ago. Forgot to post pics of them. I really hate myself when I forget to take pictures of things I do, or forget to post pictures of cool stuff I have finished.
Such a slacker sometimes!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oil & Water Art Show

Last week was crazy busy for me. I had to finish my tank for the art show, while finishing some of my customers tins, then James from Us Versus Them, hit me up last minute, to paint the logos for their show on the windows at the Known Gallery. So I accomplished all of that in a week and then took the weekend off in Las Vegas with my girlfriend Nicole. Pretty stressful week, but it was fun hangin with the UVT Crew and then relaxing in Vegas with my girl and her family.
Here are some pics I stole from Morgan, from Us Versus Them.

The Harpoon & James









Friday, November 11, 2011

Sonny Boy x Oil & Water

The guys from Us v.s Them came by earlier this week to get some footage of me painting. Man, they did an amazing job with it!!! I am so stoked and thankful for them having me be apart of this show.
Check out the new video and be sure to go see the art show. There is a phenomenal list of artist who are involved with this show like Chaz Bojorquez, Jim Philips, Wes Humpton, Max Grundy, Trevelen, Tarrera, Shinya Kimura, Risky, Danny D, Fudemae, Kutty Noteboom, Duane Ballard and many many more.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


I remember the first time I saw his art, when I got my first tattoo at Shogun in Pasadena. I was 18 yrs old back in 2003. I have been a huge fan of Mike Giant since and I am always inspired when ever I see his work.

Giant One from Sean Desmond on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oil & Water

I was invited to be apart of this art show coming up, presented by Us v.s Them. The list of artists involved with this show is amazing! They have also organized a run that will end at the Known Gallery on Fair Fax in Hollywood. Go check it out!